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AMG is a locally owned and operated rental house supporting the filmmakers of Austin, TX.
We offer the best prices in town + honest service.

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Friendly staff, affordable prices, and great classes for beginners and experienced film professionals looking to expand their skillset alike, all make this my go-to rental shop. They’re happy to let you come in and try out anything that’s not currently in use, as well, which is a great service for those that want to familiarize themselves with new equipment before using it on set. Can’t recommend enough. A++, would rent again.

Jacob W. -- Google Customer Review

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AMG Video Learning center

shutter speed vs Frame rate

Learn the relationship between shutter speed, shutter angle, and frame rate, to get the most natural looking video for your productions.


We walk you through the steps of setting up basic streaming with the four channel BlackMagic ATEM Mini.

Introduction to the DMG Lumiere RGB Lights

We show you our favorite new RGB lights. Great effects, App control, and not  just color, but better whites as well!

Discover Anamorphic Filmmaking with AMG Camera + Lens Options

Red Komodo with 40mm RF Vazen, 85mm EF Vazen, and 60mm (85mm+Booster)

With the new firmware, the Red Komodo can film in a 6K Anamorphic mode. Take advantage of this with the Vazen 40mm and 85mm anamorphic lenses. Couple the 85mm Vazen with the Canon EF-RF speed booster, and you have an effective 60mm anamorphic lens as well, giving you a complete high-quality set: 40mm, 60mm, and 85mm anamorphic lenses.

BlackMagic Pocket 4K, Z-Cam 6K/4K Cameras, Panasonic BGH1 or GH Series Cameras with Sirui Anamorphics: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm -- OR --
Vazen 28mm, 40mm, 85mm, and 60mm (85mm with Speedbooster)

The Micro Four Thirds lens mount enjoys a wealth of choices for anamorphic lenses. The Siruis provide a 1.33x, and the Vazens give you a 1.8x anamorphic expansion. These cameras support both.

Sony FX3/6/9 and A7sIII Cameras with
Sirui 50mm and Vazen 85mm Full-Frame Lenses

Sony is adding anamorphic support to its full-frame cameras. These two lenses provide  coverage for the FF sensors. Horizontally, the 50mm is effectively a 26mm wide angle lens, and the 85mm gives you a 48mm effective view.