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SLR MAGIC microprime Cine lenses

The SLR Magic MicroPrime Cine lenses are metal, solidly designed cinema lenses, with smooth focus and iris rings for manual control. They provide a great film look, with beautiful bokeh and flaring only available with cine lenses.

Suitable for 4K capture, each lens in the MicroPrime Cine series is similar in size and weight and features consistent gear positioning to enable quick lens changes. The MicroPrime Cine lenses produce sharp images and pleasing bokeh with natural-looking out-of-focus highlights.

These lenses have an 85mm front diameter for compatibility with a variety of matte boxes, an internal focus design to prevent the front of the lens from rotating when focusing, and an 82mm front filter thread.Internal focus design minimizes breathing and prevents the front of the lens from rotating as focus changes

10-blade iris produces rounded out-of-focus highlights and natural-looking bokeh. Common 0.8 MOD gear positions and front outer diameter across lenses in the MicroPrime lineup make for fast lens changes

These lenses are a perfect match for the Panasonic, BlackMagic, and Z Cam M4/3 cameras.

Each Lens is only $15/Day or Weekend   $26.25/2 days   $45/7 days




Panasonic GH5s

Z CAM E2-4M  4K

12mm T/2.8

25mm T/1.5

35mm T/1.5

18mm T/2.8