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sirui 1.25X Anamorphic Adapter

The Sirui 1.25X Anamorphic makes almost any lens an anamorphic lens, and improves the squeeze on anamorphic lenses.

A perfect mate for the Sirui Venus Anamorphics, it converts the 1.6X anamorphic factor to 2.0X. For 1.33X anamorphic lenses, it increases the squeeze to 1.66X, closer to the 1.8X standard.

The 1.25X anamorphic squeeze is useful for two other reasons:

  • It allows cameras with 4:3 sensors to record a standard 16:9 image.
  • For cameras with the standard 16:9 sensor, it produces a 20:9 picture, to match the screen size of smart phones.

For anamorphic lenses with a long minimum focus, it allows them to focus to .8 meters, providing a diopter-like function.

The adapter is easy to use, and allows you to use a single focus ring. Just focus the lens it is on to infinity, and leave it there. Then focus using the adapter's focus ring.

The adapter fits lenses with a 82mm filter size, and other lenses using provided step-down filter adapters.


$25/Day or Weekend  $43.75/2 Days   $75/7 Days