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ANGENIEUX classic Cine

The Angenieux Classic 25-250mm 35mm zoom lens was used in the filming of many classic films. It can provide the classic Hollywood look to enhance your films. It extended zoom range makes it the only lens you will need for just about any project.

The standard PL mount ensure compatibility with a broad range of cameras, including the C300 Mark III, PL-modified BlackMagic Pocket 6K, and Z-cam 4K and 6K models.

Additionally, you can use PL-mount lenses on mirrorless cameras such as all Sony E mount, Canon RF mount, Micro 4/3 mount, and Panasonic/Leica L mount cameras which work using PL adapters.

$200/Day or Weekend   $350/2 days   $500/7 days

ANGENIEUX classic cine
25-250mm T/3.7 ZOOM LENS